A place to grow

Our Nursery allows the children to play and experiment with the toys and activities set out each.

The room has been arranged into areas of play:

Natural Resources Area / Creative Station
Small World / Construction
Role Play
Jigsaws/Puzzles / Mathematically skills
Cosy Reading Area

In all areas we provide a free choice system to allow children to select toys and resources of their choice at any time.

We allow 3-5 year olds to do more focussed activities to help them in other areas ready for the next stage in their little lives – school. This time is about having fun but also has the importance of learning.

We provide a free flow outdoor system which allows the children to access the outdoor area as and when they please. Gives children great independence skills.
The outdoor area is enclosed, safe and secure.

We use our local area to our advantage by taking regular walks to observe the local area, trips to the library and park area. The children also like to take snack and sports equipment on the “flats” for fun physical play time.

All children’s observations, photographs and events of activities for logged in “My Learning Journey”.

Which is a development folder which belongs to your child, we will be asked to contribute to this to help practitioners in the setting provide the learning and development enhancements for your child. These are for you and your child to keep and cherish. A record of achievement.

Baby Blossom Room – 0-18/24months

This room is created for younger children aged 0 -18/24months on a high ratio of 1 adult to 2/3 children, giving your child the most attention and care to help development. This room consists of:

Physical Activities (ball pools , soft blocks, climbing steps etc)
Creative & Exploration Play
Musical Instruments, Rattles, sensory toys & mats
Blocks and building equipment
Soft toys
Book & Cosy Area
Walkers and much more.

We work towards the EYFS Framework, when your child reaches 18 months – 24months we will introduce and integrate your children into the 2-5 years room under supervision of their key worker, this allows the children to explore, experiment make friends. Please provide formula powder or cartons for under 1 years of age, we shall make these feeds fresh as and when needed.

We can puree foods for your child if you wish or you may wish to send in foods from home which will be refrigerated until meal times.
Please provide nappies, wipes, drinking cups and bibs plus spare clothes.

Your child will receive a daily diary, we will note all events in this book.


Lunch Time

A hot nutritional lunch will be served at 11.45 - 12.00 noon.
Menu list is available on the notice board.
All food is freshly prepared and cooked on the premises.
For younger children or children who are at stage of weaning we can puree foods.

Tea Time

Tea is served at 4:00pm
Tea menu also available
Tea is a snack tea e.g.: sandwiches, soup, dried fruit or fresh fruit.

Typical Snack time menu:

Fresh vegetable sticks with a dip. Fresh fruit, fruit loaf, toast etc.
Please see Menu.

Milk or water is served at snack times. Juice is served at meal times.
Water is available throughout the day from our children’s café area. Children can help themselves when they are thirsty.

Allergies will be catered for as much as possible, please discuss any concerns you may have with us, your knowledge of your Childs requirements will be beneficial to us.

At Hummingbirds Nursery we will adapt our menus to cater for all needs / allergies, with always providing a nutritional , well balanced diet.

Our Staff

Yvonne Cartman
Nursery Owner / Cook

Kate Tudhope
Nursery Owner / Admin & EY Practitioner

Emma Lee
Nursery Manager

Lauren Procter
Nursery Deputy Manager

Tracy & Grace
Nursery Practitioners


April 2015 “The atmosphere in this nursery is relaxed, purposeful & fun”

Opening Hours

7.30am – 6pm Monday – Friday

Closed Bank Holidays and Christmas – New Year

Ofsted Registration Number: EY428666